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Custom Podiums

Represent your brand the right way with a custom podium!

You have two options to choose from:  a regular old plain lectern, or a customizable podium with your brand's logo on the front.  That's a no brainer.  You're going to choose the branded one every time!  Whether you're a school, a business, or a church, when purchasing a podium stand, always take the next step, and really personalize it.  

  • Brand recognition is super important in today's marketing.
  • Allows your company to stand out more. 
  • They look amazing!

The products you see below is just a small sample of what we have to offer.  Most of the products on our website are customizable.  You can customize our wood podiums, our church podiums, and even our valet podiums.  

Look at this wood lectern with the name engraved into it.  Think about if it was just a regular lectern.  It wouldn't look as good right?

wood podium with custom engraved lettering

 We have logos of all types.  You can laser engrave your name into the lectern, we have aluminum logos, even solid hardwood.  These can apply for all businesses and companies also.  Look at our Amplivox military lectern below.  Specifically designed for our armed forces.  

Customization doesn't just apply to logos though.  Maybe you want specific features on your product.  A lot of our custom made teacher podiums have tons of add on options to make your experience with the product ten times better.  Power panels to charge electronics,  lights to help you see better,  clocks and timers to stay organized, and even cooling fans.

Most of our lecterns have over 500 ways you can customize it to your personal needs!

Look at Bernie Sanders speaking at the Ben And Jerry's factory in 2016.  They literally had a Ben and Jerry's podium for my man.  That's what we're talking about!  Go hard for your brand.  

 I'm not saying we'll be able to get you a Ben And Jerry's lectern, but it won't never hurt to ask.  Take the next step, and show you care about your brand today.