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Pulpit Furniture Sets

Our Pulpit furniture sets come in all different types of styles. We have traditional, Gothic styles, colonial, and many more to select from.

You can purchase them however you want, as well. Maybe you just need a pulpit and a communion table. Or you can get a pulpit, communion table, and a flower stand. However you want to do it, we can provide.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote, so that we can help you church house receive the right products!

A pulpit with in a church

Why Buy A Pulpit Furniture Set?

Matching Furniture Looks Better

When all of your furniture in the church goes together, it simply looks better. Imagine having a pulpit with a dark oak, and a communion table with a completely different color. That just wouldn't fit the same.

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Discounted Price

When you buy a pulpit set, it'll be a lot cheaper than buying individual products. We want to save your church money. So just buy them together.

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You Get Everything At The Same Time

When you order products separately, you might be waiting 3 weeks for one product, then another 8 weeks for another. With a pulpit set, everything is going to come at the same time! That makes things a lot better for your church.

The Best Pulpit Furniture Sets

900W Pulpit Set

The Best Modern Pulpit Furniture Set

900W pulpit set with chairs, table and two flower stands

400 Pulpit Set

The Best Chair Pulpit Set

400 pulpit set with pulpit, chair, table, and two flower stands

810 Pulpit Set

The Best Church Pulpit Sets

810 pulpit set with pulpit, flower stand, and communion table
Best Seller
810 CU Pulpit And Communion Table Set Image

810 CU Pulpit And Communion Table Set

The Best Pulpit And Communion Table Set

This set would look great in any church house. Choose from the top and base color with the white body. The pulpit has a large work surface, and the communion table comes with a large top surface, as well.

All Pulpit Furniture Sets

  • tsp 620 two toned pulpit
    TSP 620 modern pulpit furniture set
    Trinity TSP-620 Pulpit Furniture Set
    from $7,499.00

    This set is a must buy for any church.  It has the look, and it gets the job done!  It comes with our TSP-620 pulpit, our TCT-105 communion table, ...

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    from $7,499.00
  • 810 two toned winged pulpit
    810 pulpit set
    Trinity 810 Church Pulpit Set By Trinity
    from $4,999.00

    This pulpit set looks wonderful!  It wouldn't make sense to spend all this money on products that simply don't match.   The two toned stains match ...

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    from $4,999.00