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Training Desks

With today's technology advancements, it's only right to have equipment to accommodate it. Our computer training desks are perfect for settings with multiple computers and electronics.

Our downview and trolley monitor lift desks allow educators and students to be able to see each other better because they're designed to keep the computer out of sight.

But the good thing is these desks are not only designed for education. These desks work well in corporate sites, office settings, airports, you name it.

With our Nova Training Desks, when you buy in bulk, we can offer major discounts. Don't hesitate to call us @804-538-4844 to learn more!

Training desks with trolley monitor lift

Why Buy A Training Desk?

downview computer desk with keyboard tray pulled out

Line Of Sight

The way these products are designed, it allows the educator to see eye to eye with their students. Regular desks keeps the computer in the way, and makes it hard to make eye contact.

Whether, its's a downview, trolley monitor lift, or a split top desk, the computer is completely out of the way.

Sit to Stand Desk with power strips and grommets


Our products have so many customizable features, it doesn't make any sense. If you don't like the standard look, just ask, and we'll see what we can do ( Most of the time, we can make it happen)

You want the CPU shelf on the right side? Find with us. Or maybe, you want the a USB port instead of grommet.

podium desk with cable management

IMod Wire Management

We know how messy it can get with wires. They be all over the floor, and somebody can get seriously hurt tripping over them. Wouldn't that be pretty embarrasing to trip over some wires?

Our management system keeps your wires off the floor, and safe from damage. Safety is our main concern!

Best Standard Training Desk

Nova Solutions Standard Training Desk

Double use training desk with keyboard tray pulled out

Maybe, you're not looking for anything fancy, and I completely understand that. Our standard training desks are a good choice, as they still can get the job done. They come in single use and double use options

Standard Features

  • Imod Wire management to keep wires and cables under control
  • CPU shelf on the right side of each desk
  • Over 15 color combinations to select from
  • Nova keyboard and mouse drawer with 5 locking positions for comforbality
  • Ships fully assembled
Back side of training desk with front panel removed
computer training desks in empire mahognay color

Training Desks Installed At A College

These training desks were installed at East Los Angeles College. They purchased our double use desks with star cut grommets added. They also included a rounded USB power center on the desks for a convenient easy to use power source.

Different Types Of Computer Training Desks

Downview Computer Desks

Nova downview computer desk with keyboard tray pulled out

These desks place the desktop below a glass surface to allow you to have that natural position while working, and to see your professor more easily.

Training Desks Trolley Monitor Lift

desk with monitor hidden below work surface

When not in use the desktop can retract below the work surface with the press of a button. A huge space saver, and helps see professor better, as well.

Split Top Computer Desks

Split top computer desk side view

The computer is placed on the lower surface to improve line of sight, and to save space. Ideal for flat panel monitors with a small base. It still has the standard features as well.

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