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Height Adjustable Podiums

Adjust it to your height at the press of a button

Let's think of a scenario here. You got the power forward (a really tall person) for the high school basketball team, and the point guard ( usually a shorter person).

One is 6'5, and one is 5'5. They're going to be speaking from the same podium, but how's that going to work? Somebody's going to have to either bend down, or stand on their tippy toes to be able to speak comfortably behind the podium stand.

That's where height adjustable podiums come in. Products that can be adjusted to a speaker's specific height, so that they're completely comfortable when they're speaking to an audience.

John, the point guard may feel comfortable with the height at 47 inches, while Josh, the power forward may like it at 53 inches. No problem, as most of these bad boys have ranges of 16" from lowest to tallest height!

Another great thing about our height adjustable stands is that some of them are ADA compliant. They can be adjusted for the standing speaker, as well as the seated speaker.

Make your life easier today, and get you a product that you can adjust to your comfort.

Height adjustable podium lowered and raised front view

The Best Height Adjustable Podium

Executive Wood Counselor Lift Adjustable Height Lectern

Executive Wood Counselor lift lectern adjustable height

Height Range

The Counselor lift is the perfect height adjustable podium. With the press of a button, the work surface can go from 31.5" all the way to 47.25". That means just about anybody can present from this adjustable height podium stand.

Whether it's a 6 feet man, or a 5 year old child.

Adjustable height podiums stand lowered
electric power lift button

Electric Power Lift

With the electric power lift, all you have to do is a press the up or down button, and the lectern follows.

To control this podium, just plug the cord from the bottom of the podium into an outlet, and you can get the podium to your desired height.

  • Drop down work surface - Can either have a flat or angled top surface with a pencil stopper to prevent items from sliding
  • 4 hidden casters for easy movement
  • Wireless charging station and USB port to provide any technology needs
  • Over 4 wood options to choose from

The Best Motorized Podium

AVFI Height Adjustable Lectern LEX28

AVFI Motorized Podium LEX28

The LEX28 is a more modern looking product. It's not like your traditional podium. The height can range from 34" - 50", and it has a ton of features to help with presentation needs.

Silent Lift Mechanism

With the press of a button, you can silently lift or lower the podium. The work surface can range from 28" - all the way to 44".

The coolest thing about this product is the switch control. It can display the height in cm or inches. Not only that, but it can also remember your favorite height position!

Dummy Image
Dummy Image

Height Adjustable Podium On Wheels

Who wants to pick up, and lift a lectern when they're done using it? I know I don't. With the LEX28, you won't have to either.

When you're done using it, just tilt it back on its wheels, and roll it wherever it needs to go. That will make life much easier.

  • Large top surface that's angled. Comes with a book stopper to hold papers and notes in place when speaking
  • Work surface flips open for access to cable management and to store various items
  • A lock on the top panel to secure valuables
  • Durable bottom with cable pass through for wiring needs
Best Seller
Nova Solutions Height Adjsutable AV Lectern With Downview Image

Nova Solutions Height Adjsutable AV Lectern With Downview

Best Height Adjustable Podium Desk

This bad boy is basically two products in one. It can be a desk or a podium, whatever you need it to be. With its height adjustable capabilities, it can range from 30" all the way to 42".

Best Cheap Height Adjustable Stand

The #70 lectern is perfect if you're looking for something not too expensive. It's only $139! It works great in smaller classrooms, or office settings.

It has a large work surface with a book stopper, and the height can range from 30" all the way up to 44". Just use the knob in the middle, and adjust it to however you need it.

And the best part is it only takes 1 - 2 days to ship out.

Cheap height adjustable podium Oklahoma sound #70

All Height Adjustable Podiums

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