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Trolley Monitor Lift Desks

With the touch of a button, your computer screen can be raised or lowered beneath the work surface. Our Trolley Monitor Lift Desks are some of the most technologically advanced in the industry.

This monitor lift mechanism helps professors a ton. With the computer face lowered below the work surface, it makes it easier to make that eye to eye contact with students.

It also saves a ton of space when the computer is not in use. With regular desks, when the computer isn't in use, it takes up a lot of room.

Trolley monitor lift desk going down below surface

Why Buy A Desk With Hidden Monitor Lift

the back side of nova trolley monitor lift desk


This feature allows classrooms to stay connected and intertwined.

With the press of a button, all monitors can be lifted and lowered at the same time. This allows the instructor to have complete control of the classroom.

Single Use Trolley Monitor Desk with computer lowered

Monitor Features

  • With the push of a button the access door automatically opens and closes.
  • low voltage motorized computer monitor lift to lower and raise monitor
  • Intelligent motion technology keeps the unit secure from accidental damage or with constant monitoring of the operational system
 double use trolley monitor lift desk

Frees Up Space

When you're not using it, just look how much space clears up once the computer is below the surface.

When you have a regular desk, and you're not using your computer, you can't just take the computer off of the desk. It has to stay there, and take up unnecessary space. With this desk, you won't have those problems.

The Best Monitor Lift Desks

Nova Double Use Training Desk

double desk that hides monitor

This product is perfect for educational and corporate settings. These desks have two trolley monitors for two users.

If purchased in bulk, we offer huge discounts! The more you purchase, the lower the monitor lift desk's price per unit.

Nova Single Use Training Desk

Desk with monitor lift

This product is designed for one individual user. It has all the standard features like the other desks.

A CPU shelf on the right side, a keyboard tray, iMod cable management, and a grommet for wires.

Nova Height Adjustable AV Lectern

Height adjustable lectern with hidden monitor lift

This monitor lift desk is ideal for professors and instructors. Provides you plenty of room for your notes to voice a clutter space.

It also provides rack rail space to house all your audio and video equipment. Can also change the height to your desired position.

Motorized Dual Monitor Lift Desk

Need two computers for one user? No problem, at all. Our dual monitor desks have two trolley monitor lifts usually designed for one person.

These are designed for instructors, or gamers who may need more than one computer screen at once. When you're done using them, just press the button, and the screen will disappear below the surface. Maximizes your work space.

Dual Monitor Lift desk with grey top surface

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