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Downview Computer Desks

When you're reading a book, you usually place the book on a flat surface, and look downward. So why not use a computer the same way?

With our downview computer desks, the computer screen is placed below the work surface and you can see it through a glass top. This provides that natural downward glaze like you're reading book.

This product also allows professors and students to see each other better, for one. With a regular desk, the big old computer screen is usually in the way.

Secondly, it gives you a lot more space for your working area.

Downview computer desks at a college

Best Nova Downview Computer Desk

Nova Solutions Double Use University Downview Training Desk

nova solutions double downview desk in black

This product is perfect for universities and job settings where multiple people need a computer. The downview feature helps a ton with line of sight between student and instructor. It also gives you an ease of mind as a professor because you won't have to worry bout cheating too much. With the way these products are designed, you can easily see if a student is looking at their partner's work.

CPU shelfs, keyboard trays, iMod wire management, you name it. All the features to accommodate your technology needs.

We also offer major discounts in bulk. The more you purchase, the cheaper the downview computer desk's price will be per unit.

Standard Features

  • Frees up a ton of space for when you're working on things without a computer needed
  • Keeps monitor safe under the glass top
  • iMod Wire management to keep wires and cables secure and neat.
Nova solutions double downview desk with computers under the glass top
nova donwview computer desk with privacy glare options

Privacy / Glare Visor Option

With glass top surfaces, sometimes it can make it hard to see with the light reflecting. The glare visor blocks the light, and makes it a lot more easier to see your computer screen. It also helps with cheating in the classroom.

A person won't be able to see the screen next to them with privacy visor blocking the computer.

Best Downview Glasstop Computer Desk

Nova Solutions Height Adjustable AV Lectern With Downview

Nova Solutions Height Adjustable Downview Lectern

This product is perfect for college professors and teachers. The downview feature provides plenty of space. You know how many papers and books be on your desk. Go ahead and free that space up.

Secondly, it helps see your students better. It makes teaching a lot easier when you can make that eye to eye contact. It's height adjustable, so you can lift it or lower it to 30" - 42".

Rack Rail Compartments

This hidden computer desk comes standard with 12U rack rail compartments. You can house all your video and electronic needs in this area.

Nova solutions computer desk with rack rails compartment
Downview lectern with amazing features

University of Rochester

This downview lectern was purchased from the University of Rochester in Upstate New York.

  • Left hand rack rail storage
  • Locking CPU storage
  • Custom work surface cut outs

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