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Multimedia Lecterns

Multimedia lecterns are perfect in educational and corporate settings.  They have so many features to make your presentation life a breeze!

  • Pullout keyboard for keyboard and mouse
  • Removable front panels to have access rack equipment
  • Side shelfs for projectors
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Cable port management to control wires

I can literally go on and on all day!

As a presenter, there's a million things you have to worry about.  Where am I going to place my computer?  Where can I put the projector?  Will there be enough space for my notes?  

With a multimedia lectern, you can throw all of those concerns out of the window.  It can go do anything you need it to do.  We're also able to customize it to your likings.  We have hundreds and hundreds of add on options and customizations you can make.

The only downside I see with these products, is the size of them.   Some of these bad boys can easily exceed 300 pounds.   Luckily, multimedia lecterns come with the option to add casters, so you won't have to worry about breaking your back trying to lift it.

Also I look at a big product as a good thing.  That means you have space.  Room for your electronic equipment, amongst other things you may need.  

Order yours today, so we can have it shipped to you ASAP!