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Multimedia Lecterns

Multimedia lecterns are perfect in educational and high end technology settings. They have so many features to make your presentation life a breeze!

  • Pullout keyboard trays for keyboard and mouse
  • Removable front panels to have access to rack equipments
  • Side shelfs for projectors
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Cable port management to control wires

As a presenter, theres's a million things you have to worry about. Where am I going to place my computer? Where can I put the projector? Will there be enough space for my notes?

With these multimedia lecterns, you can throw all of those concerns out of the window. It can good anything you need it to do. We're also able to customize it to you likings. We have tons of add on options and customizations you can make.

The only downside I see with these products, is the size of them. Some of these bad boys can easily exceed 300 pounds. Luckily, multimedia lecterns come with the option to add casters, so you won't have to worry about breaking your back trying to lift it.

Also I look at a big product as a good thing. that means you. have space. room for your electronic equipment, amongst other things you may need.

a man giving a presentation behind a multimedia lectern

Best Multimedia Lectern

AVFI Hightech Multimedia Podium PDX20

avfi multimedia lectern in shark grey

The PDX20 is an absolute beast. It has everything you would need in any technological setting.

  • Thermowrap finish for scratch resistant surface
  • Pullout keyboard shelf for keyboard
  • 12U rack frame
  • PCU space
  • heavy duty casters for easy mobility
  • Bottom cutouts for fan and cable access plus many more features
The features of a multimedia lectern
AVFI PDX20 multimedia lectern dimensions

AVFI PDX20 Multimedia Lecterns Dimensions

The Best Downview Podium

This downview podium is amazing because it's height adjustable. If you're feeling tired, lower it and use as a desk, so you can sit down.

It provides you with a rack rail compartment for all your electronic needs like the rest of our multimedia podiums.

The downview screen allows for you to be able to see your students with ease. With a regular podium stand / desk, the computer screen can block your view.

The downview also helps with your privacy. As a teacher, that's important. If you want, you can even take it further with a privacy glare visor. It helps with the lights glaring off the screen, and make your computer screen even more private. Killing two birds with one stone.

Click the button below to learn more about the Nova Solutions Downview Podium.

height adjustable downview podium

The Best Computer Podium

The IPVP7 provides you everything you need for all your computer and technology needs.

  • A large work surface for not only your computer, but all your books and notes as well
  • Power panel to charge your devices
  • Plenty of space below your work surface for electronic equipment and locking doors to secure them.
IPVP7 avfi computer podium

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