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Buyer's Guide

You’ve been scrolling for an hour now.  Page after page, but you can’t seem to find the one.  You thought you had it, but then you changed your mind.  Finally you see it.  The wood, the microphone, everything about it is flawless.  Then here comes the  thoughts  creeping into your head. This isn’t the one either.  We’ve all been there before. Having a million options in our face, and not being able to decide what you want. With our vast selection of podiums, it seems like it can be a daunting task to pick the perfect one for you.  But let’s be honest, it’s not as hard as you think.  When it comes to picking a lectern, there are  a few things to consider that will make your buying process much easier.


The very first thing you want to consider is where you will need this podium.  A lectern intended  for a graduation ceremony would be completely different than one for a teacher’s classroom.  Is it a big venue?  If you intend on having a larger audience, a sound lectern would be appropriate as they come with built in systems that can amplify a whole auditorium.  If you plan on speaking in front of a small audience, maybe a tabletop lectern would be convenient for you. An acrylic lectern would be perfect for a small conference, or an event with not too many people.  They’re inexpensive, and they still possess a space where you can put your notes and books.  If the event has multiple speakers, grab one of our exquisite adjustable height lecterns.  That way, a person won’t have trouble speaking into the microphone from the podium being too tall or short.  


 Lucky for you, we have plenty of affordable lecterns available.  The prices of our podiums depend on a few things.   To begin with, the type of lectern you’re purchasing.  Full length lecterns are usually more expensive than tabletop lecterns.  Built-in audio systems increase the prices of lecterns as well.  Usually the more features, the more expensive.  Some of our lecterns can be as low as a couple of hundreds, while some of them range in the thousands.  If you need it for bigger audiences, we would probably recommend one of our wooden sound lecterns.  If you need it for smaller occasions, a tabletop or acrylic lectern would be perfect.  


Our adjustable height podiums are what you consider versatile.  These lecterns can be lowered or raised in seconds to adjust to the height of the speaker.  Our portable lecterns are self-explanatory.  These lecterns are lightweight and easy to transport between events.  They also still are able to hold onto notes and books, as they have a large surface area.  Sound lecterns serve a purpose.  To be heard.  The advanced audio systems in these are for larger audiences, so everyone can hear. Lastly, our tabletop lecterns are convenient for smaller gatherings.  Place it on the top of a desk or chair, and you are good to go.  


Wood lecterns are the most popular choice.  They’re very professional looking and durable, but also can be quite heavy.  Lecterns with sound systems usually are wooden.  Most of these are made out of wood composite, but some are actually constructed from solid hardwood.  Wood lecterns also have the most options when it comes to color.  Cherry, oak, mahogany, and walnut colors.  Acrylic lecterns are usually lightweight, and usually don’t come with too many features.  These lecterns are usually smaller than wooden ones as well, making them less obtrusive in smaller spaces.  Metal lecterns are usually for industrial events.  They have a sophisticated finish, and are strong and durable.  Sometimes these types of lecterns can look out of place depending on the event.