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Church Pews

Church service can sometimes last hours and hours. Imagine sitting in hard, uncomfortable pews for that long. Your church members are going to be in pain by the time the service is over. Well you won't have to worry about that when you purchase pews from the manufacturers we work with. They provide comfort and quality.

We understand that selecting pews for your church isn't an easy process, but we're here to tell you, we will be with you throughout the whole process. From the selection of your pew design all the way to the clean up process after they've been installed in your church.

We want every church member to feel comfortable while they're listening to the pastor preach, and that's what our pews provide: comfortability. Call us now, so that we can go ahead and get the process started.

church pews in a large church

Comfortable Seating

With our seats, we're not just talking when we say they're comfortable. The pews we sell has an angle of 100 degrees. The seat to back angle on a chair should be anywhere between 95 - 105 degrees. That's perfectly right in the middle.

The other great thing about these seats is that they offer lumbar support. The most important part of the spine is called the lumbar area. When you're sitting down the lumbar area is put in an unnatural position, and can cause great uncomfort. These seats come with a lumbar cushion to support the normal body curvature in that area. It properly positions the body in a comfortable way when you're sitting down.

person sitting on a pew

The Different Types Of Church Pews

Pew Ends

Traditional church pew ends

Traditional Pew Ends

cantilever pew ends

Cantilever Pew Ends

Colonial pew ends

Colonial Pew Ends

Pew Bodies

Upholstered Pew Body

Upholstered Pew Body

A cushioned back plus a super comfortable cushioned seat equals amazing. You can select from the wood colors, as well as the cushion colors.

Wood Back Pew Bodies

Wood Back Pew Bodies

Get to select one of our super comfy upholstered seats, and combine with a classic ole wood back. The upholstered seats are removable, as well.

All Wood Pew Bodies

All Wood Pew Bodies

You get a flat wood back without any wild grain. You can choose from plywood, or edge glued solid wood. These bad boys are hard to pass by.

Pew Accessories

Pew with padded kneeler on the back


Book racks that go on the back of pews

Book Racks

Pew Fronts

Pew Fronts

Radial Pews

Our radial pews have a curve like design instead of the straight back configuration. These look amazing in churches, and in certain situations, can improve your line of sight.

You can customize these anyway you like, as well. Upholstered, wood back, and you can also choose between the pew ends.

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