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You'll never be nervous again when you speak behind a podium!

You've recited and practiced at least 100 times.  "I got this", you say to yourself.  You peak outside the curtain and see the crowd.  There's at least 1,500 people here tonight. Oh no.  The nervousness starts to creep back into your mind.  You feel your hands starting to sweat, and that sick feeling entering your stomach.  You're literally up next, and you can't turn back now.  

The speaker calls your name, and you begin to walk to the stage.  This is the most scared you've ever been in your life.  This is worse than the time you had to tell your mom you wrecked.  Then something magical happens.  You put your notes on the lectern, adjust the microphone, and you look over the crowd.  It's like your body does a 360.  

No more sweaty hands.  You no longer feel the sick feeling in your stomach.  You actually feel good, and you wonder why.  It's the podium.  

Allow your fears to disappear with a Podium Stage Podium. 

Look, public speaking can be a scary thing.  Whether you're speaking in front of hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of people. Shoot, I remember in high school just being nervous speaking in front of 20 people in the classroom. But it doesn't have to be.  Podiums and lecterns can be an excellent product when you give speeches.  Using one when you speak can do absolute wonders!

  • A place you can actually put your notes and computer while speaking in front of crowds
  • The Lights are on you. When you speak behind a lectern, you become a focal point to the audience.  
  •  Great features to make your presentations easier: sound systems for better sound, lights to see better, technological items for your electronics.

You can use one of these bad boys in just about any settings.  You can use podiums for schools, churches, businesses, anywhere!

Make your life easier.  Select one you like, click the "add to cart" button, and the rest will be history.  You'll have a product that will make your presentation life ten times better.

  • sound craft foldable podium folded
    sound craft foldable lectern front view
    Sound Craft Sound Craft Foldable Podium FFL
    from $1,199.00

    The Best Foldable Podium Out There! The Sound Craft Folding Podium FFL is one of one. Think about it..   It's like magic. One second, it's a bea...

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    from $1,199.00
  • Urbann Metal Aluminum Grey K1 Lectern
    from $1,099.00

    Description Ships Within 3 - 5 Business Days There's only one word you can use to describe this lectern, exquisite!  The design of this lectern is ...

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    from $1,099.00