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Nova Solutions Double Use University Training Desk W/ Trolley Monitor Lift

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Nova Solutions Double Use University Training Desk W/ Trolley Monitor Lift Overview

One thing I couldn't stand when I was in school ,was my overcrowded desk. Books, my laptop, and notes. It was like I never had space on my desk, and I'm sure your students can relate.

The Nova Double Trolley Monitor Lift Desk gives your students the space that they deserve. When the class isn't using the computers, with the press of a button, the computer disappears below the work surface.

Another great thing about this bad boy is that it allows you and your students to see each other better. Without a big computer in the way, you can make that direct eye contact.

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Nova solutions double use trolley monitor lift desks with keyboard tray pulled out

Nova Double Trolley Monitor Lift Desk Features

Electrical motor lifts and lowers monitor with the press of a button

Intelligent motion technology protects the monitors and watches for vandalism by constant monitoring of the monitor's status

Supports most VESA monitors up to 24"

Imod wire management comes with power strip and secures wires and cables to prevent messiness

CPU shelf for each person

Nova keyboard and mouse drawer with wrist rest to help discomfort

Novalinked option allows all monitors to be lowered and raised at the same time

Nova solutions double trolley monitor lift desk drawing

I know you're probably thinking what do I do once these desks arrive. Below you can check out the assembly instructions!

What is NOVALinked?

The NOVALinked system allows for all trolley monitor lift desks to be raised and lowered at the same exact time. When NOVALinked is on, only one person can control all of the monitors, and the individual user can't control their trolley monitor themselves. You can get this features to work through wires, or wireless. You can also turn this feature off at anytime to let the individuals control the monitors themselves, as well.

IMod Wire Management

We've all seen computer desks with wires everywhere. For one, it doesn't look good and also, it's just dangerous. With Nova's IMod wire management system, you won't have any problems from your wires and cables.

The management system keeps all wires and cables hidden, and in a neat position. Each desk is also provided with a power strip to plug all electronics into.

The Imod wire management system is covered by removable panels that protects and secure the wires. Once they're removed, you have easy access to the wires and cables.

trolley monitor lift desks with panels removed

Trolley Monitor Lift Desks Installations

nova solutions trolley monitor lift desks at a college

Borough of Manhattan College

These desks used a grey nebula work surface color, and came with both the NOVALinked and IMod Wire management systems.

trolley monitor lift desks at a college

South Texas College Installation

These desks used a fusion maple work surface, and both came standard with the NOVALinked and the IMod wire system.

monitor lift desks with the screen down

Los Angeles County Assessor

These desks used a grey work surface, and came with locking CPU compartments. Protect your valuables.

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