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Wood Winged Pulpits

These bad boys can fly because they have wings. But no seriously, if you're looking for something a little bigger and stylish, these would be my suggestion.

They're like a regular pulpit, but with the wings, you have options. You can decorate with them, or place something important on them. Either way, your congregation will absolutely love the pulpit.

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Best Wood Winged Pulpit

900W-2 Winged Pulpit

900W-2 Winged pulpit from the side

Amazing Design

How could something be so beautiful? Our craftsmen made sure to make every column and design to perfect on this gorgeous pulpit.

From the squares, to the perfect sharp edges, everything on this bad boy looks good!

Designs of pulpit up close
Back side of winged pulpit

Limitless Space

Room for your bible and notes, but not only that. Any other items you would need while preaching as well.

A huge shelf for speakers, towels, etc etc. the wings can also serve as a place to put items.

All Winged Pulpits