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Classroom Podiums:  6 Reasons Why Every School Should Have Them

Classroom Podiums: 6 Reasons Why Every School Should Have Them

Whether you're an elementary school teacher, or a college professor, times are changing!  It's not like it used to be.  

I'll let you be the judge on whether that's good or bad.  

Kids' attention spans are shorter, technology is advancing, and teacher burnout is real!  Luckily, I have a kryptonite solution to all of those evil problems. 

Classroom Podiums.

I know exactly what you're thinking...

"How is a podium going to solve the problems I face in the classroom?"

Whether you're a floating teacher, a teacher trying to ditch the desk, or an instructor that needs more space in the classroom, I promise one of these bad boys can be life changing!

Hear me out. I have 6 valid reasons why I believe instructors should use podiums in the classroom:

  1. Standing behind a lectern has major health benefits
  2. Technology is advancing
  3. Some teachers are ditching the desk
  4. Classroom Podiums Can Compliment Desks
  5. Features that make teaching easier
  6. Allows you to represent your school

1. Standing Behind a Lectern Has Major Health Benefits

Teaching can be one of the most stressful proffesions in America today.  Constantly grading papers, the bad students, and sometimes the obnoxious coworkers.  Trust me, I get it. 

So it's of utmost importance that instructors prioritize their health.  

A simple hack: standing.

Sitting behind a desk most of the day can be a major problem according to a study done by WebMD

  1. Sitting can cause significant back pain, especially with poor posture.
  2. Sitting for long periods of time causes a higher risk for diseases such as diabetes and cancer.
  3. If you're constantly sitting, you're more likely to become overweight.
A classroom podium requires you to stand, mostly.  Here are the benefits to standing vs sitting.

(Image Source)

Now I'm not saying sitting is the root of all evil, but it can really cause problems if you over do it.  Not only for your body, but your mind as well.  

When you stand, your energy levels are usually increased which leads to better moods.  In a recent study, workers who stood more reported less stress and fatigue, than their counterparts who sit most of the day.

Another highlight of standing more, is a boost of productivity.  We know how important that is when it comes to being an educator.  Sometimes you just don't want to grade those papers from last week.

 In one study, researchers were able to find call center employees that used standing desks were about 53% more productive than their colleagues who used regular desks. 

Major difference!

Now I'm not saying to never sit down again, that would be Ludacris.  

I'm pretty sure you can find studies on the  negative effects of standing too much, so my suggestion would be find a good balance of both. 

Some of our classroom desk podiums give you the option to stand behind a lectern, and sit behind a desk all in one product.  I know I know, crazy right?

The Prestige Sit to Stand AV Lectern has height adjustability features

Maybe you want to give the class a lesson standing behind the lectern, and then grade some papers sitting down.  But if all you had in your classroom was just an old basic desk,  you wouldn't even have the chance to stand, and let that energy and productivity flow through your body.  

At the push of a button, you go from a desk to a full standing lectern. 

Voila, magic is very real!

 2.  Technology Is Advancing

When I was in school, I was good with just a whiteboard and notebook paper, but hey, those days are long gone.  

Whether you like it or not, technology is coming more and more prevalent in schools.  As shown in this article by USA Today, classrooms are changing from pen and paper to computers and tablets.  

The podiums we serve to our customers fit right in with the technology innovations, as they accommodate computers and other electronics with their attributes. 

 All of the benefits of the AVFI Mobile Instructor Podium IPVP7

You don't even need to be near a wall outlet.  Some of our products have PC panels where you can charge your computers, cellular devices etc.  Doesn't that make life easier?

Cables and wires everywhere can be a dangerous game.  If you're not paying attention, you can easily get your foot caught up, and fall.  Our large classroom podiums prevent that from even happening.  

Grommets let cables and wires flow easily throughout the podium, so that they can keep them under control.

Teacher podiums with storage really come in handy when you have a lot of electronic equipment.  Most of our products have interior space below the work surface with rack frames and rack rails to mount equipment.  They also have space to store PC towers, as well. 

PD3009 Podium fully loaded with equipment that gets mounted on rack rails

Pullout keyboard trays for your keyboard and mouse, cooling fans so electronics won't overheat, I can literally go on all day!  Whatever you need to accommodate your technology / electronics, we can provide. 

 3. Some Teachers Are Ditching The Desk

The desk has been a staple in the classroom forever.  If you walked into a classroom, and didn't see a desk, that was like seeing a bird without wings.  

As I said at the beginning, times are changing.

A teacher can get rid of their desk in the classroom for multiple reasons. One of them being it frees up more space.  In a perfect world, you have 15 - 20 students, but the world isn't perfect.  

Some classes easily exceed 30 students.  A huge desk that takes up all the space isn't helping the problem.  

That's where a classroom podium lectern comes in.

A picture of a classroom podium

If you get rid of your desk, there's a lot that you have to make up for.  Where are you going to keep your notes and computer? Where are you going to grade papers? Where is your "place" going to be?

A podium can provide all of those things above, and more.  Let's take the example product for example. 

  • Can be smaller than a desk, which means more space for your classroom.
  • Large work surface for all of your notes and computer
  • Pullout keyboard shelf for your mouse
  • Allows you to move around the classroom more, and be engaged with your students.  When you're sitting behind a desk, you'll want to get up less often. 

 4.Classroom Podiums Can Compliment Desks

Okay understandable.  Maybe you don't want to get rid of your desk.  

Sometimes it makes perfect sense to have a desk in the classroom, and there's nothing wrong with that. Podiums can still be a great tool, even if you decide to keep your desk.

Tabletop Lecterns

tabletop lectern sitting on top of a desk

Tabletop lecterns can fit right on top of a desk or table easily!  They don't weigh much at all, and can do everything a regular lectern can do at a more affordable price.

Another great thing about these, is that they don't take up too much space.  When you're done using it, just simply put it away until you're ready to use it next time.  

Collapsible Podium Stands

Another type of podium that would be perfect to go along with a desk is collapsible podium stands.  The reason being, once you're done, you can simply fold it up, and it becomes thin as paper.  

When not in use, it wouldn't be taking up any space in the classroom.  Going back to my third point, you need all the available space you can get.

Portable Presentation Lectern

The last type of podium that would fit well along with a desk, is the Portable Presentation Lectern #70.  It gets the job done.  

The Oklahoma Sound #70

A large work space for your computer and notes, and it only weighs 14 pounds!

This portable podium stand has two great features: price and height adjustability.

$139, you can't beat it!  If you're looking for something more low-cost, this would be my recommendation.

Maybe one day, you have your students presenting in front of the class.  Some students are tall, and some students are shorter. 

This bad boy can adjust to whatever height is needed to make the reader as comfortable as possible.  

5.  Features That Make Teaching Easier

Whether you're a college professor, or a third grade teacher, our classroom podiums have features that will make every educator's life easier.  


For example, a college professor.  Some college classrooms can easily exceed 75 students.  As a professor, you might need a podium with a microphone to ensure all your students hear you clearly.  I know if I was a student, and I couldn't hear my teacher well, it would definitely cause me to zone out.  

I remember even when I was in high school, some of my teachers would use microphones. It just helps so much with all the extra noise going on around / outside the classroom.  People in the hallway, the air conditioner, cars from outside, it adds up.  

Teacher Podiums on Wheels

Another feature that's essential for podiums in schools is mobility.  Some of these large classroom podiums easily weigh 200 pounds plus.  Educators are constantly changing their classroom around, and moving stuff.  

Nobody wants to worry about having to lift a podium every time they change their classroom around.  That's what casters ( wheels ) are for.  Most of our podiums have them for easy movement around the classroom / school.  A teacher podium on wheels makes everybody's life easier.  

Casters ( wheels) so the lectern can be moved easily from place to place.

Floating teachers are becoming more and more common in schools today.  Most of them use carts, but portable podium stands can get the job done too.  Imagine if a podium didn't have wheels on it.  A teacher would not want to travel from class to class having to carry around a podium.  Just roll it wherever it needs to go, and you're good!

Another good thing about casters is that they lock.  Whenever you find the place you want to keep the podium, it stays put!  No rolling around, or extra movement. 

The Downview Lectern

Then there's the down view lectern.

Down view lectern allows you to work from your computer with the screen below the work surface 

The what? I know I know, let me explain.

A design that allows the computer monitor to be below the work surface. It allows you to view your screen with a natural downward position like reading a book.

Why would I need this?

 For a couple of reasons.  With your computer below the work surface, it allows you to see your students 10x better.  It also provides even more space on your lectern.  You know how cramped it can get.  Books, notes, more notes, papers to grade.  

Lastly, it just gives you that privacy that you need.  Grading papers, emailing parents, etc.  With a regular lectern / desk, students can easily come up behind you and see your screen when they have a question.  Oops.  John came to ask a question, and seen Amanda made a 64 on her quiz.

With the down view feature, they can't say a thing.

You can even add the privacy/ glare visor to make it even more private.  It also helps with lighting conditions that make it hard to see.  

Downview lectern with optional privacy glare

ADA Lectern 

We have a few podiums that accommodate the mobility impaired, along with the standing presenter.  We believe it's of utmost importance for every person to be able to speak behind our lecterns.  

Take a look at our Amplivox SN3900.

ADA lecterns allows the mobility impaired to speak behind a lectern

It can go from 31" in a seated position all the way up to 41" for a full standing person.  With the press of a button, it can go up or down in seconds. 

 6. Allows You To Represent Your School 

School podiums with logos are an amazing way to represent your institution.  Whether it be at a college, high school, or even an elementary school.

Shame on me.  I know this is an article about classroom podiums, but these products you definitely would want to use outside of class:  media events, booster clubs, introduction meetings, alumni events, etc.

We have a couple of options:  engraved seals, aluminum logos, custom inserted panels / shells, etc.  You're probably thinking "what in the world is he talking about?"

Okay okay, let me explain.  Let's take a look at our Amplivox SN3253, for example.  

School podiums with logos where you can really represent the brand


Represent your school with the custom insert colored panel, along with the optional logo.  Isn't that a lot better than just a plain basic podium?  Why not get one with your school colors and mascot?

Next, you have the engraved seals.  Look at Russell Wilson speak behind Our Counselor lectern at his University of Wisconsin 2016 Speech!  We were able to personalize the lectern by displaying "Wisconsin" across the top section, along with a logo on the body.

Russell Wilson speaking behind our Counselor Lectern in 2016

You can get your school's name, or mascot.  Literally anything you would like to really embrace it.


Classroom podiums might not be for everybody, and that's completely understandable.  But I do think that they can help most educators. 

They can be beneficial to your health, provide helpful features to make a teacher's life easier, fit right in with the technology advancements, amongst many other reasons. 

Teaching is one of the hardest professions out there.  The constant grading of papers, hard headed students, sometimes your fellow coworkers aren't the best, the list goes on.  

So lets make your life easier by providing you with a product that can add great value to your classroom. 

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