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Portable Podiums With Speaker And Microphone

These products are perfect if you need to amplify your voice. There's occasions where you'll be speaking in front of hundreds of people, maybe even thousands. If you're speaking with just your plain voice then nobody will be able to hear you.

That's why we have portable podiums with speakers and microphones. Some of these sound lecterns can reach crowds of up to 2,000 people. You'll never have to worry about a person in the audience saying "I couldn't hear him".

Back side of Oklahoma sound 111pls

Best Portable Lectern With Sound System

Executive Wood The Counselor Evolution Sound Lectern

executive wood counselor evolution lectern

This bad boy is every presenter's dream. Not only does it look good, but it does its job! This podium comes with 2 built-in speakers which will help your audience hear every word.

Comes Equipped With Amplifier

  • 3 XLR microphone inputs
  • Base / treble tone controls
  • microphone jacks located in back to promote wire free look
  • rechargeable battery for hours of performance
Executive Wood Products Amplifier
Back side of counselor evolution with amplifier and angled work surface

Not Your Regular Work Surface

  • Can be angled for lecture use or completely flat for computer use.
  • It also lifts up for storage use: can place pens, notes, etc etc in there.
  • Book stopper to hold items in place and prevent them from sliding

More Amazing Features

  • Hidden rear casters for easy one person mobility
  • Fixed shelf for more storage
  • grommets for wire / cable management
  • amplifier tilt out shelf for easy access to amplifier
  • Handheld microphone with mic mount and 15' XLR cable

Best Portable Podium With Speaker And Microphone

Accent Portable Lectern The Classic Presenter

accent portable speaker with microphone

Most podiums with sound systems have just internal speakers within the lectern, but the Presenter has external speaker options, as well!

Choose from internal speaker and external speaker options, so your audience can hear you clear as day.

  • Optional shell colors and inserts
  • Constructed of high quality material with shell being scratch resistant
  • tilt back wheels allows it to easily move from place to place
  • waterproof incase of any spills
  • 5 speaker options to choose from ( look at some of them below)
portable presenter podium with microphone and one internal speaker

One internal speaker

Portable podium with portable speaker on a stand

One external speaker

Portable podium with internal speaker and portable speaker with a stand

Internal and external speaker

Best Affordable Portable Podium With Speaker And Microphone

Oklahoma Sound ZED Lectern With Speaker

Oklahoma Sound ZED Lectern with speaker

The ZED is an inexpensive sound lectern that could be a great solution in corporate and educational settings.

Cool Features For A Great Presentation

  • equipped with 40 watt amplifier
  • 4" 40 watt speakers
  • durable scratch resistant surface that's built to last
  • 4 casters to easily be moved from event to event
  • Halogen lamp included
ZED portable lectern features
Oklahoma Sound ZED Lectern at a presentation

Z Shape Your Audience Will Love

The Z shape will have your audience in love. It's a very unique design compared to most lecterns on the Market which is always a good thing.

Another good thing about the shape is that it's skinny which will allow the presenter to not be hidden behind the podium.

The Integrator Tabletop Podium With Microphone

Okay, maybe you don't want to spend all your money on a full podium. I get it.

You can get a tabletop lectern, but not just any tabletop lectern. One that comes with a microphone!

It's super lightweight weighing only 15 pounds, and super durable as well.

It comes with a gooseneck microphone that can interface with any house system without using phantom power.

Click the button below to learn more about this cool product!

Integrator tabletop podium with microphone

All Portable Podiums With Speaker And Microphone