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Collapsible Podium Stands Are Awesome!

Collapsible podium stands are convenient products that every businesses should have

Are you a speaker that's on the go often?  Going from event to event, using the podiums that they provide for you?  Some are flimsy and some are old.  Shoot, some of the events probably don't even have a podium. 

Or maybe you're a school, or business that has a ton of presentations.  Doesn't it get annoying after every long event having to carry a heavy podium to put it away? 

That's why I believe everybody should have a collapsible podium stand!  Whether you're one person, or a large business.

  • They're easy to build up, and break apart ( less than a minute literally)
  • They can fit in the back of cars
  • They won't break your pockets!
  • They literally last forever
  • They're extremely lightweight


 These podiums aren't that common, but I feel like they're a necessity.  I mean where else can you find a lectern that can fit in the back of a car?  The Sound Craft Folding Podium FFL can be less than 5" in depth when folded.  I think that can fit between a crack in the street.  

And once you take it out of the car, it's literally going to take you less than a minute to set it up.  Watch how quick this Urbann Collapsible Lectern Y7 is assembled: 

 See, quick and easy.  And I haven't even mentioned what these bad boys can do.  Just because they're collapsible, doesn't mean they can't do what a regular lectern does.  

They both allow microphones to be connected.  You might be speaking at a larger event, and need to be heard more clearly.  

Collapsible podium stand

Another great thing about collapsible podium stands is that they're extremely lightweight.  Imagine your school just got done with a presentation, and then having to pick up a lectern that weighs over 100 pounds.  Pain, I know.  With these, all you have to do is to break it down, or fold it up, and you're good.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Don't be fooled. They're built to last!  You will never have to worry about falls, or scratches.  The Y7 is constructed of a tough powder coated aluminum. 

You can also personalize your brand with logos on the front.  What I tell you?  They can do everything a regular podium can do.  

The Y7 has an optional carrying case, which will make things even easier.  I mean who wants to walk around with a podium?  After you're done speaking, just break it down, put it in the carrying case, and roll it wherever it needs to go. Ready for the next event.  

These are unique products, that you don't see too often.  Don't be surprised to see that your audience is paying extremely close attention when speaking behind one of these lecterns.

The Urbann Y7 Collapsible Lectern and the Sound Craft Folding Podium FFL are two of the best on the market today.  They're extremely lightweight compared to a regular lectern, they will last for years, and they can be stored just about anywhere.