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Top 5 Church Podiums and Pulpits for 2023

 Decision making can be one of the hardest things to go through.  If you’re an indecisive person like me, it can make selecting things even tougher. 

“Do I want Chick Fil A or Zaxbys today?”

“Should I get a red shirt, or a yellow shirt for the party”?

Trust me, we all go through this. It’s apart of our everyday lives.   Whether you’re considering replacing your old stuff, or starting a new church from scratch, picking new church furniture isn’t easy either.  Lucky for you, I've come to save the day.  If I was a superhero, my name would be Podium Man.

If you’re a pastor, I've constructed a list of the top 5 church podims and pulpits for 2023.  Not only did we list them, we also gave good reason as to why they’re on the list.

At, we have a large selection to choose from.  But here are some of our favorites that we believe would be a great addition to any church setting.  

Winged Glass Pulpit NC1

Winged glass pulpit

You're wearing your best suit today, and the church is slammed pack.  You can feel the spirit in the air. 

But we have a problem.  Nobody can see your suit standing behind a big old wood pulpit!  Nobody can see your new belt with the perfectly creased pants that your wife ironed to perfection.  Shoot, they can barely even see your favorite tie that you like to wear.  Isn't that a shame?  

Good thing the Winged Glass Pulpit NC1 takes all of those problems away.  The clear glass construction allows your church members to see right through like an x-ray.  

Can I get an Amen?

Okay, I get it. Obviously you're not purchasing a pulpit just so your church members can see you in your best suit.  So let me tell you what else this bad boy can offer.  

I remember as a child watching my pastor preach, and he would always have to walk over to this table to grab stuff in the middle of his sermon.  His water bottle, his towel, his notes.  It was sort of annoying having him pause every five minutes because his little lectern wasn't large enough to hold all of his items.  I wish he would've known about this pulpit.  

It has more space available than a rocket ship!  A huge work surface, two wings, and two corner shelves for items to be placed on.  Whatever you need for your sermon, you can have it all in one place.  

And did I forgot to mention, this custom church podium allows you to change it however you want.  Over 8 wood stains to choose from, and a FREE custom etched design on the front panel.  Represent your church with its name and a nice picked design on the front.   

Trinity Modern Church Pulpit 8302 Wooden

Imagine rubbing your hands across that smooth, dark oak wood.  Or stop imagining, and turn it into reality!  You won't regret it, trust me.  

Your congregation will not be able to look away.  6 open tiered columns, with a plexiglass front panel.  It's a wood pulpit that still allows your church members to see you clearly because of the open tiers and the clear front.  

So go ahead and put your best suit on.  No worries about them not being able to see.

You can put whatever you want on the front panel.  This really allows you to personalize the brand of your house of worship.  

The slanted wood top makes it a lot easier to read your bible and notes, compared to a flat one.  A large space below the work surface where you can put water bottles, towels, more notes etc.  There's also a ton of space around the work surface that can be decorated.  You got options, man. 

Let me not forget, over 13 wood stains to select from.  Not 3, not 6, 13 of them!

Trinity Wooden Church Podium T-40

A classic church podium that's super affordable.

You're on a budget?  Here comes the Podium Man to save the day!


The best $429 you'll ever spend.  

Wait there's more.  You don't have to wait a couple months like you would for a pulpit.  It can be in your church in about 3 weeks, sometimes even less than that!

It's nothing better than a classic wood church podium.  Affordable, functional, and if you add a cross, it still gives you those church vibes.  

And don't think just because the price is $429, that this is cheap product.  This is solid hardwood baby.  Built to last years and years for your house of worship.  

A decent sized reading plate for your bibles and notes, and below that is a shelf if you need more space.  

 Weighing only 45 pounds, it can be moved from place to place with ease.  Maybe, you would like to use it for service on Sunday, and somebody else would like to use it on Wednesday in another room.  No problem at all.  

 Prestige Glass Podium NC2

Glass podium

Service over?  It's time to eat good, and watch the game!  Nobody wants to worry about lifting a big, heavy pulpit to put it away.  

Those pulpits are beautiful, but man can they be heavy.  Maybe you're looking for something a little smaller.  Well, check out this glass church podium.  

It has a little weight to it, but nowhere near that of a pulpit.  An elegant product that gets the job done, but is twice as small.  

Completely customizable.  From the wood stains all the way to the front logo.  And the logo is COMPLETELY FREE.  Get a bird, get a cross, get praying hands along with your church name.  Whatever you want.

You even have the option of tinted glass!

And don't forget it about the wood trim options.  You want an all wood top, and not glass?  Fine with me.  Once again, you can do whatever you want.

Urbann Church Lectern K2

Modern church lectern that has everything imaginable.  An aluminum cross front, tilt back wheels, large reading surface, you name it.

 Did I hear someone say they need something in a week or less?

*Super hero music starts playing*.

Here comes the Podium Man!

This bad boy usually ships out in about 3 - 5 days!

And besides the Trinity T-40, it's the most affordable on this list.

Three color variations to choose from, and it  also has four optional modules on the reading plate where accessory items can be placed.  

You can do the microphone holder with clock piece. Or maybe you want to do the USB outlet, HDMI connecter and charging outlet combination.  Whatever makes the most sense for your church.

This is really the definition of a modern church podium.  Something your church members not be used to.  Not your traditional wood pulpit at all.  It has a wood body, but the top and base are completely aluminum.  

As well as the cross.  How did I forget the cross?  The best part about this product.  It really is the icing on the cake.

When you're done using it, you don't even have to lift a finger. Use the tilt back wheels to roll it wherever it needs to go.  A church podium with wheels will make everybody's life easier.  

Can I get an Amen?


I think Podium Man has done his job for the day.  He's defeated all of the evil, indecisive thoughts that run through our brains.  

But on a serious note, I truly believe these church podiums on this list are well deserved.  

They're all super customizable, and have valuable features that will help any pastor.  Now, don't wait another six days still trying to figure out what you want.  Whatever you select, I can promise is a good choice.  Also, if you want more articles on our podiums and pulpits, don't forget to input your email below.