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Wooden Church Podiums

Okay, I get it. Maybe you're not looking for a big ole pulpit. Well I get the next best thing for you. A wood church podium. 

A lot smaller and also more affordable! That's a win win.

These products allow you to be more connected to your congregation, as they don't block your view as much. 

Another good thing about them, is that they're not that heavy. If you need to move it, you don't need 2 - 3 people like some of the pulpits.

y5 church podium in mahogany
Best Seller
Urbann Church Lectern K2 Image

Urbann Church Lectern K2

Best Wooden Church Podium

This is a no brainer for any church. This modern wooden church podium has the look, and also the functionality. It provides you everything you need for a great sermon! Did I forget to mention that aluminum cross option? Press the button below, and get yours today!

Benefits Of The K2 Church Lectern

The back side of the K2 church lectern

Helpful Features

  • Top surface provides more than enough space for your bible and notes
  • Shelf below work surface to place other items
  • base plate grommet for floor traps
Top surface of church lectern with optional add ons

Add On Options

  • Microphone arms
  • Power outlets
  • Clock
  • Grommets
church lectern tilted on its side with wheels.

Ease Of Movement

Don't you dare lift it! When it's ready, just tilt it back on its wheels and move it where it needs to go.

Best Seller
Trinity Wooden Church Podium T-40 Image

Trinity Wooden Church Podium T-40

Best Affordable Wooden Church Podium

If you're on a budget, don't go buy a cheap pulpit from Amazon. The T-40 church lectern is the perfect solution for you. It's an amazing product has everything you need at a good price. A large top surface and a shelf provided. With three color options and you also have the option to add a cross, as well. Click the button below, and get yours today for your church.

All Wooden Church Podiums

  • The back side of the k2 church lectern. add on  options, shelf, and base plate grommet for access to floor trap.
    Urbann Church Lectern K2-  Combines beauty and functionality.  A myriad of features that will make every pastor's life easier.
    Urbann Urbann Church Lectern K2
    from $1,149.00
    3 colors available

    Description Ships Within 3 - 5 Business Days The Urbann Church Lectern K2 would be a great option for any church.  It's exquisite, and has features...

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    from $1,149.00
  •  - Wooden podium for church with slim design that allows audience to see you.  This church podium stand is functional and elegant.
    Urbann Urbann Church Podium Y5 Wood Lectern
    from $799.00
    3 colors available

    Description Ships Within 3 - 5 Business Days Maybe you're not trying to wait forever... Or maybe you would like something for under $1,000... Well ...

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    from $799.00